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ClixWall Active - May 18, 2018

We have added a new way to generate some extra income with Clixwall. On the home page you can see the icon. Click on the image to access. You have to be loged to see it, it's an op... more

Upgraded Members 9
Free referrals 31
Total PTC 42
Total PTR 17
Total PTSU 8
Total X-Sites 55

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ded130 $1.04 24.05.2018
karolina19... $1.20 24.05.2018
adzbaba $1.01 14.05.2018
susi1 $1.01 14.05.2018
ded130 $1.24 11.05.2018

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ClixWall Active May 18, 2018

We have added a new way to generate some extra income with Clixwall. On the home page you can see the icon. Click on the image to access. You have to be loged to see it, it's an option only for registered users. We have to create more accesses on the site to facilitate it.

New Cashback and Crowdfounding Memberships May 13, 2018

New Cashback and Crowdfounding Memberships now already available in the purchases section. Another interesting upgrades. See more about in: Help/Memberships/Crowdfounding Membership

Paid X-changes Active May 04, 2018

The paid x-changes are running now. When making the announcements, in the section where it says: "Earned Today" in the time bar. You can see that for every x-change announcement you add cash.

New Promotion Banner May 03, 2018

We added a new promotional banner. That shows your username and your earnings. ***** Hemos añadido un nuevo banner promocional. Que muestra tu nombre de usuario y tus ganacias.

Purchase Issue Solved May 01, 2018

You can now buy your upgrades and specials without problem at the price marked. It does not increase the price in a dollar. ***** Ya podeis comprar vuestros upgrades y especiales sin problema al precio marcado. Ya no aumenta el precio en un dolar.

Purchases Temporary Solution May 01, 2018

As a temporary solution to the increase in value at the time of paying respect to the marked price we have added cashback in all purchases of memberships and special packages. To adjust the prices. ***** Como solucion temporal al aumento en del valor a la hora de pagar respecto el precio marcado hemos agregado cashback en todas las compras de membresias y paquetes especiales. Para ajustar los precios.

Same problem in memberships Apr 29, 2018

Do not also buy memberships until a new order. also sum of more $ 1, I have to review the users who have purchased the membership to return the dollar to your balance. *** No comprar tampoco membresias hasta nueva orden. También suma de más $1, tengo que revisar los usuarios que han comprado la membresia para devolverles el dolara a su saldo.

Dont Purchase Specials Now Apr 29, 2018

Do not buy specials until further notice, there is a failure that adds one dollar more to the price *** No comprar los Specials de momento hasta nuevo aviso. Hay un fallo que suma un dolar al precio real.

We lower payout for upgraded Apr 28, 2018

To $1 by Paypal Only for Upgraded Membres. Can beguin to claim when you overcome the dollar. Not fees. The first payment has already been made. **** Los usuarios que han pagado membresia ya pueden pedir su dinero cuando su saldo supere el dolar. Pago por Paypal sin comision. Ya hemos realizado el primer pago.

PTSU ACTIVE Apr 18, 2018

Activado el Pago por Registro!!! - Paid to Sign Up active!!!

Extra points Apr 18, 2018

Extra points for creating a post on your blog or a video promoting Cuquinos GPT. -*- Puntos extra por crear un post en tu blog o un vídeo promocionando Cuquinos GPT:

Videos of the Week Apr 18, 2018

A selection of funny or interesting videos that we will offer each week. So we offer you entertainment and you give us support on our YouTube and Daylimotion channels. To inaugurate this section a guided tour through the web. Showing all the options and main sections. *** Una selección de vídeos divertidos o interesantes que vamos a ofrecer cada semana. Así os ofrecemos entretenimiento y vosotros nos dais soporte en nuestros canales de Youtube y Daylimotion. Para inaugurar esta sección una visita guiada por le web. Mostrando todas las opciones y secciones principales:

Music for Clickers Apr 18, 2018

Enjoy good music while doing your homework on the page:-Disfruta de buena musica mientras haces tus tareas en la página:

X Stages Active Eng Apr 07, 2018

To motivate people to see exchange ads, we have activated the "X-Stages". The prizes are the following:1- 25 clicks=50 links credits daily. 2- 50 clicks= 0.005 cash daily. 3- 75 clicks= 100 banner credits daily. 4- 100 Clicks= 100 PTR credits daily. Greetings.

X Stages Activos Es Apr 07, 2018

Para motivar a la gente a ver anuncios de intercambio hemos activado los "X-Stages". Por cada 25 clics hay un premio en puntos o publicidad. Los premios son los siguientes:1- 25 clicks=50 links credits daily. 2- 50 clicks= 0.005 cash daily. 3- 75 clicks= 100 banner credits daily. 4- 100 Clicks= 100 PTR credits daily.Saludos.

Anti bot Ads Eng Apr 06, 2018

[username] [email] [balance]rnrnI have activated anti-tamper and anti-bot ads. When a site begins to grow, it becomes necessary to avoid abuse.rnrnA bot does not recognize the ad trap, only humans are able to discern them. Be attentive when viewing the ads because there is one that clearly says "DANGER DONT CLICK".rnrnIf you click on that ad the balance will be zero. What happens to those who use bots? The bot catches in the trap and always stays at zero.rnrnThen nobody says I have not warned.rnrnA greeting.

Anti bot Ads ES Apr 06, 2018

He activado anuncios antitramposos y anti bot. Cuando un sitio empieza a crecer, se hace necesario para evitar abusos.rnrnUn bot no reconoce el anuncio trampa, solo los humanos somos capaces de discernirlos. Estar atentos a la hora de visionar los anuncios porque hay uno que dice claramente " DANGER DONT CLICK".rnrnSi haceis click sobre ese anuncio el saldo se os va a quedar en cero. Que es lo que le sucede a los que utilizan bots. El bot pica en la trampa y se queda siempre en cero.rnrnLuego que nadie diga que no lo he avisado.rnrnUn saludo.

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